Find success that feeds your soul - not kills it!

I free empaths, entrepreneurs and business leaders from self-doubt and self-sabotage so they can enjoy a success worth having

I spent decades suffering my way to success so that you wouldn’t have to!

I’ve distilled 45 years of success in law, business and spirituality into a proven process that has liberated hundreds of successful (and soon-to-be-successful) business men and women to:

Monetize their uniqueness (idiosyncrasies and all) instead of pretending to be just like everyone else

Maintain integrity by building businesses that leverage their values instead of compromising them

FINALLY feel comfortable in their own skin

FULLY taste the experience of their own lives

Real life results

I have no interest in peddling just one more “10x Your Life” self-improvement program.


I work with real people living in the real world and change their lives in miraculous, unimaginable ways

"He has been TRANSFORMATIONAL in my life.."

"Dave was a part of me figuring out my life's work, my purpose. He has been transformational in my life and has validated the best parts of me."

Stephanie Terry, Founder of WEBB SQUARED

"Dave has empowered me to find a STRONGER and DEEPER confidence"

"Working with Dave has empowered me to find a stronger and deeper confidence. I feel more mature, more present, and less timid about engaging with anybody. It's also spilled over into the way I talk to my team "

Eric Goldman, Founder of Humane Homes NC

Do YOU Have The Courage To Ask For What You Truly Deserve In Life?

You don’t need to wait until you're a perfected version of yourself to have the life you long for. End your unecessary suffering NOW and reclaim your power!

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